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Postpartum Doula Services


Daytime Doula


Standard postpartum doula care. Includes supportive care for the birthing parent and family during daytime hours (6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) usually once they are settled in at home after baby has been born, though support while family members are hospitalized may also be needed. Focus is on physical and emotional support for the birthing parent, guidance and assistance with newborn care, visitor management, preparation of light snacks and/or simple meals, light housework and other needs as determined by the Client(s) and Doula when arranging their schedules.

  • $30/hour


Doula in the Dark


Overnight care for the new family. Primary focus is on baby care in order to provide the new parent(s) a good night's rest. Doula will check in with parent(s) upon arrival, complete any light evening housework desired, and will rest near baby, handling bottle feeding or transporting baby to and from the breast-/chest-feeding parent throughout the night.

Overnight hourly rates apply between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. booked in 8- to 10-hour shifts, up to three nights per week.

  • $40/hour ($320-$400/night)


1000 Days Doula


With training in child development and interactive play in the critical early years of a child’s development, doula will visit the family and assist the adults with meeting the constantly changing social and developmental needs of their young child. Doula will help caregivers to understand what’s normal and refer when necessary. She will teach stimulating play and offer assistance for families to meet their needs for human connection while keeping their child appropriately occupied. Consider a one- or two-year contract for a consistent and reliable source of information and connection during your child's early years.

  • $50 per 2-hour session

  • Monthly visits (12) for one year: $550

  • Monthly visits (24) for two years: $1000


Virtual Doula


It's 2019. Everything is online, why not your doula?

For new parents that have done their meal-prep. For folks who have their own parents', their friends' and extended family's visits all lined up for months. For those who feel the need for an unbiased and unrelated on-call expert. Doula will listen to concerns and venting, answer questions and help parents navigate processing their birth experience, newborn care, feeding, diapering, babywearing, changing relationships, family dynamics, etc.

Doula will offer information, research and referrals, and will work with parents via unlimited text or email messages and up to two scheduled phone or Skype calls each week.

  • 4 Weeks Virtual Doula: $400

  • 8 Weeks Virtual Doula: $750

  • 12 Weeks Virtual Doula: $1,050


Prenatal Doula Services


Prenatal/Antenatal Doula


When pregnancy becomes "high-risk," in the event of illness or injury, limited physical activity or even bed rest may be recommended or required. This can be extremely difficult for the one who's used to doing it all. Your doula can provide emotional support, assist with light household duties, meal preparation or planning, and help care for the siblings-to-be. Basically, everything your postpartum doula can do after baby arrives, she can provide prenatally in the event that pregnancy becomes complicated.

May also include information and assistance with birth plan/preparation.

  • $20/hour

(Any remaining antenatal contract balance at the time of birth may be applied to Postpartum Doula services if desired.)


Registry Ref


Personal registry building and shopping. Many parents-to-be are excited to begin putting together their list of "must-haves" for their new arrival as soon as they see the positive pregnancy test. But walking into the baby boutique may inspire an immediate panic attack as all the options available compete for attention. A personal registry guide can help you make sense of all the baby stuff and build a registry tailored to your family's unique style and situation.

Doula will meet you at the store of your choice (Buy Buy Baby, Target, etc.), and will walk with you through each section to discuss your options and help scan all the items. 

  • 2-hour Registry Building Shopping Trip: $50

  • Additional hour(s): $20



and gift information

Standard Days

24 hours daytime care: $660

Standard Combo

24 hours includes one 8-hour overnight shift: $760

Extended Days

48 hours daytime care: $1,320

Extended Combo

48 Hours includes two 8-hour overnight shifts - $1,500

1000 Days Package

Complete Postpartum Package includes 72 hours daytime care within the first 4 months, followed by monthly 2-hour 1000 Days sessions for two years - $2,800

The Perfect Gift

Often, families and friends wish that they could help more in the home of their loved ones after a baby is born. Whatever your limitations—whether physical distance, personal time commitments, bodily stamina or something else—the gift of a postpartum doula could be the perfect solution! Contact me to set up a complimentary interview, and discuss gift options over the phone, via Skype or in person.

Please include the expecting parents if possible.

Doula accepts cash, credit cards, PayPal and Venmo. A printed gift certificate will be custom created upon agreement and receipt of deposit and sent by mail or email to you or your recipient upon request.