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Community Self Defense

Have you thought about learning some self defense techniques, but you hesitate to sign up for a studio or rec center class with an unknown instructor? Collaborating with Ms. Elizabeth Cloutier and Karate America Brookfield, my intention is to offer this class to those who may not feel comfortable in a traditional martial arts studio with an intimidating unknown martial artist.

This class will take place in the cozy confines of The Womb Room MKE and is intended to be sensitive to the needs of survivors.

Suggested Donation: $25-$40* per student. 30 spots available. Register for our September 7, 2019 class here.

*All proceeds will support The Womb Room Mission: We connect people with circles of support through all walks and seasons of life to inspire positive change and facilitate healing in ourselves, each other, and our community.

GREAT EXPECTATIONS WORKSHOP: Preparing for Birth and Beyond


The childbearing year brings many changes and challenges to individuals and couples as they prepare their homes and hearts for a new baby. And everyone brings their own personalities and perceptions along with them on their parenting journey right from the start. We are influenced by our upbringings, our families, our cultures, personal biases, current societal trends and more. All of this will impact what we expect of ourselves and our partners (and even our babies) as we step into our new roles as parents. It can be a challenge to put it all together as we navigate these new waters, so here is a place to start to make sense of it all.

This is an informational 2-hour workshop to explore these expectations, hopes and fears with others in a safe and supportive circle. We will share and encourage one another as we briefly move through a range of topics including:

  • birth

  • postpartum

  • relationships

  • personal identity

And we will lay the groundwork for meeting your greatest expectations and embracing the reality that may not always fall in line. Since there is a lot of ground to cover in a relatively short time, you will be provided with a list of local resources and worksheets to take with you as you plan for your birth and prepare your essential postpartum and parenting support. Sign up for the email newsletter to be notified of upcoming workshop sessions.



Cloth Diapering 101: An Introduction to Modern Cloth Diapering

  • WHO: Parents of babies who need diapers

  • WHAT: A hands-on introduction to cloth diapers

  • WHY: To save money and love the earth

Do you have questions about cloth diapers?
Great! I have answers!

Long over are the days of folding, pinning and line drying bulky cloth diapers. This 1-hour workshop gives you a hands-on glimpse of all that modern cloth diapers have to offer (from "old school" prefold systems to all-in-one washables and everything in between) and helps you determine which diapering choices may work for you and your family. There are fun colors, different fits and enough variety to fit any budget and routine.

This class can be taught in your home with a group of friends or family members, scheduled around YOUR life.

Suggested donation: $50 for my time and travel.