Let Me Be Completely Honest

If you look at the dates on the first couple of posts here, you will see that I had them written over a year ago. Today I decided to take the leap and add the blog section on this website. Like, officially. I've always enjoyed writing, so why not write some of my stories as they relate to the work that I'm doing? 

Here is the truth. I want to make this blog a place where I can be real and discuss my journey with this business. So you know where I'm coming from. So you have a little more information before you hire me. Or just so you can see that here is a real human who does a lot of the same things that humans do. And she happens to know some stuff about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting. Maybe some of my words will resonate, maybe they won't. I'm good either way.

The real truth is that I will not be consistent. I would love to have a regular posting schedule. I won't. I've been down this road before. I will share when I have something to say. But often, I won't. So don't hold your breath for a daily, weekly or even monthly thought from me.

The promise that I can make to anyone reading this is that I am devoted to this work that I'm doing. This loving of people, of new families. I'm committed to learning new things every day, from anyone. I won't always have the most efficient business practices. Because I never wanted to be a "businessperson." I won't always write regularly. But I will engage. And I will be myself, as much as words can show. There's no point in trying to be anyone else. You'll see right through that. 

What I hope you do see is someone who is actively engaging with her community and supporting the people around her. My circles sometimes feel small, sometimes big. But I want them always to feel open, inviting, so that they may grow and multiply. We are meant for connection. So here I am.

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