I am beginning this journey to serve postpartum women with slight hesitation and a humble heart. I know how much of a joy and a challenge new motherhood can be. And I want to be an anchor to those who might feel untethered as they step into it.

I question whether I have what it takes to provide what is needed.

I envision my role as an encourager, a listener, a warm embrace. I want to be a comfort, offering nourishment for both the body and the soul. I want to help women find their strength in motherhood, their confidence and laughter. To illuminate and celebrate the tiniest moments of perfection, however fleeting they may seem in those early days. I want to walk with them through the messy bits and help them understand that they will emerge from the challenges with a grace and power they can hardly imagine.

I want to show new mothers how beautiful they are, in their rawness, even when they haven't had a shower or slept very much. Because there is love coloring every fear and sorrow and defeat. There is so much love. So much victory there with it. It makes them radiant. I want to exist in that radiance with them. I want to reflect it back at them. I want to help their hearts to fill.

I trust that it will be amazing. For my clients, and also for me.

Sara DeaconComment