There is a lot of advice floating around to slow down and find peace during the hustle and bustle of holiday times. You may be feeling the pull, as I am, to cozy up with a warm drink and a good book or favorite movie. My kids are definitely all about asking for more snuggles, dragging their quilts from their beds all over the house to stay connected to that coziness. 

At the same time, the excitement simmers. The holiday lights shine, the decorations abound, and my 4-year-old is ALL about it. Seeing the joy shine from his little face makes my heart swell. I'm excited to give them a great time. I want them to enjoy their gifts and their family spending time together. I want to DO ALL THE THINGS! Because they want to.

Is there a balance to be found?

I do think that it is possible to do justice to both. There is a lot of ambivalence in life, especially parenting. If we can learn to hold many truths at the same time—even those that seem at odds with each other—I think we can learn to flow with the season, with our feelings and let go of a lot of the stress competing for attention. We can let ourselves be pulled into the excitement and joy, but also allow space in our days for warmth, darkness, peace and hibernation.

Sara DeaconComment