Bikini Body

Recently, I  went swimsuit shopping for the first time in, let me think, probably over a decade. My previous swimwear had come from taking my measurements in the comfort of my own home and ordering from Land's End. They were cute suits. Wrap style, slimming, very flattering one-pieces. 

Now, I'm forty. My body has grown, birthed and nourished three children. I have become intentional about what I eat and how I challenge my body physically. My body has changed. I bought the last mail-order swimsuit some time before my four-year-old was born. It was time for something new. 

Thankfully, I went swimsuit shopping with my best friend, who also needed a new suit for her own reasons. And because of our experience, I just want to take a quick second to recommend that you, too, go swimsuit shopping with someone who loves you and knows how beautiful and amazing your body is. Who can get excited for you when you find that perfect fit, perfect pattern, perfect cut. Who can laugh with you when the one you try on makes your body look like it has WAY more miles on it than it actually does. In essence, having a swimsuit doula is amazing!

But here's what I've been thinking about since buying my new, simple tankini two-piece. I can't be the only one who wanted a shorts-type bottom in order to avoid shaving my downstairs business.  I have never once spoken to a lady who ENJOYS pubic hair removal in whatever way one chooses to do that type of body maintenance. Mostly, the folks I've talked to do the shaving thing. And for twenty-odd years, so did I. When I absolutely HAD to. So I didn't go out of my way to hit the pools or the beaches, quite frankly. Because I knew the price would need to be paid in the form of itchy, bumpy regrowth eventually. 

Ladies, why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we not have access to cuter, more flattering shorts-shaped swimwear? And why do we call that cut, "boy-short"? Because boys aren’t expected to shave their nether regions to hang out at the pool, of course. 

I'm not about going so far as to say we just let our pubic hairs hang out. But some folks do that, which is cool if they're comfortable, but not all of us are about that. So what about some cute bottoms for those of us who both don’t want to shave and prefer not to blatantly broadcast that choice?

I'm done painfully shaving and maintaining a hair-less bikini line. I found a cute swimsuit including a “boy-short” bottom. But I'm kind of annoyed that my choices in bottoms were so limited—one color, and maybe two styles at the store that day. And I'm wondering if anyone else is, too.